Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale

Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale

 If you’re looking to buy 120ml tubs of premium quality ice cream at wholesale prices to improve your revenue, Parravani’s Ice Cream should be your chosen supplier. And, if you already buy ice cream in bulk from another supplier, we can always help your business by supplying empty tubs and spoons, as well as crunchy cones.

We’re one of the leading suppliers of handmade ice cream in the UK, having produced premium quality ice creams, gelato, sorbets since 1898, and more recently, frozen yoghurts and dog ice cream.

Sourced from local suppliers, apart from a few secret ingredients we import from Italy, we believe our products are better than the premium mass-produced ice cream tubs in supermarket freezers.

Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale Chocolate
Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale Mint Choc Chip
Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale Vanilla Roma
Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale Strawberry
Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale Toffee
Sorbet Tubs Wholesale Blackberry
Sorbet Tubs Wholesale Lemon
Sorbet Tubs Wholesale Bullards
Sorbet Tubs Wholesale Orange

Wholesale Offer

 Our ice cream tubs are ideal for entertainment and leisure centres and restaurants with a takeaway option. In addition to ice cream tubs, we supply sorbet tubs at wholesale prices.

Sold in batches of 20 tubs with a recommended retail price of £2.60, you can be sure to gain healthy gross profit margins selling our premium products.

Producing 120ml tubs of ice cream and sorbet is labour intensive, so we only supply the most popular flavours. This means you can be sure that you will sell the ice cream tubs in no time.

Wholesale Offer

Ice Cream Flavours


Mint Choc Chip



Vanilla Roma

Sorbet Flavours




Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin


Point of purchase display stands for ice cream tubs

At Parravani’s, we want to help you sell as many of our ice cream and sorbet tubs as possible. It’s why we supply various types of freezers.

Small & Large Countertop Freezer

The small and large countertop freezer is a great way to boost your customers’ order value as they head to the till to buy their items.

Tall Display Freezer

This tall display freezer is perfect for displaying all our flavours, plus additional items that require freezing. Due to its size, you can hold a lot of stock on display to ensure you never lose a sale having to run to the back to check.


Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale Countertop Display

Empty Ice Cream Tubs Wholesale

We supply a range of different sized ice cream tubs that are perfect for passing to customers who prefer it over ice cream cones. 

See our Ice Cream Wholesale page for more information.

Ice Cream Cones Wholesale

From waffle cones to wafer and sugar cones, we supply a large range of crunchy cones. From small, medium and large sizes, you can top them with one to as many as 4 or 5 scoops, depending on the scoop size.

Delivery Options

Depending on the volumes, we can deliver our quality products via our branded refrigerated vans anywhere in the UK or use our trusted distributor.

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