We are very, very excited to announce our collaboration with Bullards Gin, one of Norwich’s most iconic brands, to produce an absolutely unique anniversary flavour!

One of the award-winning Bullards’ most heralded gins, their Strawberry & Black Pepper, has been used as the inspiration for a new sorbet by Parravani’s. Far from being a simple nod to the name, our sorbet is the real deal; we use the very strawberries used in the Bullards distilling process, which are infused with the flavour of the gin itself, and have created with them a sorbet which is light, refreshing, perfectly balanced, and 3.7% ABV! This is a far shore from those other ‘gin&tonic’ ice creams out there which rely on artificial flavouring to mimic real life – for the genuine article you really need look no further! For those non-gin-lovers out there, don’t worry; we think we can convert you to the sorbet version – it really is a must try!

The new Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Sorbet will launch in June, and go on general sale to the public at the Royal Norfolk Show. Our trade partners will have a sneak preview a couple of weeks earlier. More news to come!