Madagascan Vanilla Crumble Cheesecake 14ptn


Smooth vanilla cheesecake made with creamy soft cheese and Madagascan vanilla on a sweet biscuit base, topped with a handmade buttery crumble. 14 portion pre sliced.

Ingredients: crumble (wheat flour, non hydrogenated vegetable oil, butter (milk), sugar, rapeseed oil, wholemeal flour (barley), sodium bicarbonate, ammonium, bicarbonate, tartaric acid, disodium diphosphate, malic acid, partially inverted sugar syrup, salt, dried whey (milk), dried malt extract (gluten), cream cheese (milk, modified wheat starch, E202), vanilla (cane sugar syrup, vanilla extracts and real vanilla derivatives), whipping cream (milk, carrageenan, wheat flour, butter (milk), wheat flour, butter (milk), margarine (non hydrogenated oils), sugar, gelatine.


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